With over five years in the domain name industry, NameConnect started with its roots in the DNS business in a company called UltraDNS with clients such as Gerry Goreman and Gary Millin of World.com (owners: Doctor.com, Lawyer.com, England.com and India.com) as well as other leaders in the domain name industry. The CEO of NameConnect John Daly acted as a driving force behind UltraDNS as a leader in sales having worked with Fortune 500 and some of the largest Internet companies in the world. UltraDNS was acquired by Neustar the registry for .Us and .Biz where Mr Daly rose to Director and later left to start this company NameConnect to indulge in his passion for domain names.

NameConnect has bought, sold and assisted small and large companies in acquiring and selling thousands of domain names. We work behind the scenes and have managed to broker over a million dollars in domain sales through the past year and a half alone.