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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Aren’t Just for Retail Anymore!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a huge deal leading up to the holiday shopping season where many retailers and e-tailers make up their largest percentage of sales. The final quarter of the year, similar to that of a sporting game, where it all comes down to the final moments and who scored big versus who returns home defeated in the field of highest sales. This year Black Friday sales spread from the coast of the Americas into other reaches of the globe and cyber specials started sprouting up a week ago. Has the shopping season gotten longer? Have more merchants jumped on the sales wagon to try keeping up with the competition?

Traditionally, retailers run “in the red” from January through November showing an operations of financial loss. The turning point, or mark of turning a profit “in the black” tends to be the day following Thanksgiving, when consumers are doing the most of their holiday spending due to increased availability, time off from work, and school closures. The kickoff to the profit making season was coined as “Black Friday” in Philadelphia dating as far back as the 1960’s. Cyber Monday followed many years later in 2005, as online retailers and marketplaces were looking to make the switch from “in the red” to “in the black” and begin showing profit over loss for business viability.

Today, the bounds of confinement as to who or what you can find participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales has no limits.

Everything is financial right? From the number of dollars spent by consumers, to the balancing of corporate budgets, the year-end reports for businesses and consumers in preparation for tax season. Finding expenses, deductions, contributions, and ways to show a profit are vital to growth and financial success in the later years, so it comes as no surprise that investors would also like to “clean-up” in the deals department this time of year, they are after all the consumers and backers of the financial world, usually the means of making all the other craziness an option.

So how does all this correlate? Last week, Michael Berkens posted an article (http://www.thedomains.com/2014/11/21/this-weeks-black-friday-domain-count-com-559-net-60-blackfriday-16/) where he detailed the week’s Black Friday domain counts for TheDomains.com. Where by all appearances, the .com is still the “go-to” domain of choice, boasting 559 domain registrations regardless of the .blackfriday TLD domain that scored 17 registrations.

While Elliot Silver of DomainInvesting.com posted a blog-call for users to share steals and deals with other readers. Posters shared NameCheap’s Black Fridal Deal link (https://www.namecheap.com/campaigns/2014/bf-cm-deals.aspx), .XYZ domain sales at Hover.com, and even NameCon 2015 Promo Code “Cyber50” for the January 11-14 event at the Tropicana Hotel.

Array even got in on the offers, sweetening the pot with their entire collection of WordPress themes for a huge value…. Any plans to develop a parked site to entice consumers? Perhaps its something to consider?

And now that the Black Friday craze has passed, Cyber Week continues, where deals are popping up throughout the week. How will Cyber Monday stack up in comparison, while people will search the relative term “Cyber Monday” more consumers will be more apt to search specific terms relating to the brands they’re looking for a bargain on, such as Xbox, Playstation, Sony, or Samsung, even Apple, Ugg, or Pandora. Walmart, Overstock, and Amazon are of course the leading search results when performing an array of google searches relating to Cyber Monday.

It’s a consumer’s paradise that works well for the pockets of their investors….. How many of those people are shopping though for their business? New ideas, inventions, and innovations occur every second of everyday, the right domain investing decisions and scoring big during the holidays on your own turf can get you celebrating Black Friday or being “in the black” at some other time of the year, possible many other times of the year!


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