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October Domain Name Sales Report Released


While agencies, brokers and the individual seller all break down their sales in varied ways, the frequency of reports varies just as much. Some sales are reported daily, these are usually sales for top dollar or higher, big names with deep pockets, and names that have drawn attention or created a media hype.

Others, are reported weekly to the public, and include their sales from high value to merely pennies. This is the standard reporting period for many larger brokerage agencies, while yet others receive these reports internally each week, and report publicly monthly, highlighting their best sales, an possibly not releasing details of sales under a set value.

Individuals though, may never disclose sales, or only disclose what they feel is high dollar, usually as a method of bragging rights amongst friends, co-workers, or competitors. This could simply be a method of protecting privacy for themselves and their client, it could be due to a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, or to respect the previous owner, if applicable.

Below is a condensed listing of October Domain Name Sales for each price point:

High Dollar Sales:

  • Cute.com sold by Heritage Auctions for $230,000 on October 1, 2014
  • Koko.com was sold by eName for CYN 620,000 ($100,440) on October 1, 2014
  • Athalon.com sold by Sedo on October 8, 2014, for $100,000
  • Sedo also sold 907.com, the same day for €54,000 ($68,580)
  • GoldPay.com also sold by Sedo on October 15,2014, for €50,000 ($64,000)
  • Stream.org sold by Sedo raking in $20,000 from the sale
  • Nidoma cleared €22,000 ($27,940) for the sale of Donna.it
  • Designs.net sold by Sedo October 15,2014, for $16,800
  • KFZ24.de sold by Sedo for €11,500 ($14,490)
  • Flippa got in on the selling action, with Babes.net selling for ($14,100)
  • Sedo added Kerdite.info to the list of sales on October 15,2014, for €10,000 ($12,000)

The following High Dollar Sales Values have been released, while the details of the purchase have not:

  • mgp.com $25,000
  • tro.com $20,500
  • oal.com $ 19,999
  • app.nl €18500 (14,601)

Mid Dollar Sales:

The next 11 domain names sold by Sedo occurred just last week, October 19-25.

  • Inkospor.com $10,000
  • Podiatrist.net $9,900
  • Weedy.com $9,200
  • NOR.net $9000
  • Hypnotherapy.net £5,000 ($8,050)
  • CloudDJ.com $7,900
  • IncomeInvestor.com $7,800
  • PartyKing.com €6,000 ($7,620)
  • MagnusProperties.com $7,500
  • Bitt.com $6,995
  • MyBasic.com €5,000 ($6,350)
  • NRD.de €5,000 ($6,350)
  • SLV.fr€5,000 ($6,350)

Other Mid Dollar Sales included:

  • Hypnotherapy.net 5,000 GBP – Hypnotiseur Wipf, operator of a hypnosis information site.
  • VibrantHotels.com $4,000 – London Hotels Corporation
  • PopJam.co.uk 2,500 GBP – Mind Candy Ltd, the company that owns the matching .com.
  • GreenStars.org $2,497 – Greenstars GmbH, which operates a store at Greenstars.de selling environmentally friendly products.
  • WomanofTomorrow.com $2,495 – Women of Tomorrow mentor and scholarship program. They use the domain name WomenofTomorrow.org; note the domain they bought was womAn.
  • Physio.net $2,150 – The owner of Physio.de.
  • KKCG.com 1,300 EUR – KKCG a.s., an investment company that uses the web address kkcg.cz.

Low Dollar Sales:

  • Varistore.com $700 – VARIDESK LLC, seller of sit-stand desks
  • Malarebytes.com $799 – Citizenhawk on behalf of Malwarebytes Corp.
  • MyDental.co.uk 750 GBP – Integrated Dental Holdings Ltd, which also bought a domain name at Sedo last month.

The following Low Dollar Sales Values have been released, while the details of the purchase have not:

  • yxx.de EUR 232
  • publicsubsidy.com $US 99



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