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Are domain names important to my business?

NameConnect is in domain name acquisitions and consulting for small, medium and large companies as well as investors. Anyone that is serious about their online presence understand the power of a brandable and generic URL be it through marketing, search engine optimization and or direct navigation. Domain names have become a market in themselves and NameConnect strives to consult and acquire domains that are most relevant to our clients. We are familiar with all aspects of the Web from design, search engine optimizativon, social networking, backend and development and use each to research our client’s industries and competition. As a result we bring them domain names that best serve to survive the rigorous Internet market. As we have worked with the top domain name owners in the industry, NameConnect makes getting a hold of the right URL discreet and simple.

.Com, .Net, .Org, and Importance of TLD’s On Your Business

Back in the 1980’s the originators of the Internet decided there should be a way of breaking up the Internet Websites by genre:

  • .Com – Commercial
  • .Net – Network related
  • .Org – Non for profit Organizations
  • .Info – Informational sites
  • .Gov – Government websites

These days .com has gained in popularity more than any other tld be it through its use by larger companies, respect by customers or in how more domains have been registered in this tld than any other tld in the world. On the other hand, many companies have created their brand around other tld’s such as .net and .org . Just because the .com is taken does not mean you should pass over a generic or brandable domain in another tld, having the right term for your company in another tld can still help your company grow drastically!

We are often asked “What tld is right for my company?”. There is no simple answer to this question especially when considering your budget and how serious you are about doing business online, contact and allow us to help you understand what the best route will be.

SEO: Does Google look at the domain name?

When taking into consideration your website Google, Yahoo and all of the major search engines look at many aspects such as, such as who you are linked to, how fresh your content is and how often you update. Does Google look at the domain name? Absolutely it does, the keywords in the domain, the tld (.com, .net and .org) and even the age of your domain name and age of the website on it count tremendously! Do not pass up the chance to take advantage of Google and Yahoo’s need to find you through your domain name. With relevant products, content and domain names all in sync you are sure to get to the front page of the search engines and in return drive numerous amounts of targeted customers to your company. Let NameConnect help you find the right domain to push your SEO campaign to the front page of Google, we always say the proof is in the pudding so allow us to demonstrate. Send in a request for information or give us a ring and we will prove to you what we say is true.

Market and Brandability

What does Marketing have to do with my domain name? We will let you in on a little secret, a good portion of your traffic is returning to your website by simply remembering your url. Like anything else, the more memorable you are the more popular you become! There are certain things you should ask yourself when marketing and branding your online presence through a domain name:

  • What keywords are in the domain
  • What TLD am I using (.com, .net etc.)
  • Does my domain infringe on anyone else’s trademark, can I be sued?
  • Will people remember the domain when typing it in?
  • Is the domain confusing when describing my company?
  • Does it have hyphens or numbers?

These are just a few things to consider with Marketing and the Branding of your domain name and website. Just like colors have an effect on how customers react to your products and feel of your website, so too does your domain name describe to customers exactly the service you are providing them.