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Brokering (Selling or Buying)

Whether you are a new comer looking for a second form of revenue or a Fortune 500 Corporation looking to acquire that perfect domain NameConnect can help you. We operate on multiple levels: discreet acquisitions, consultations on investments, portfolio management as well as intermediaries between parties to form alliances and lease plans.

Discreet Acquisitions

Companies choose NameConnect in order to find owners of domains they wish to acquire. Be it intelligent property protection or that perfect .com, NameConnect has the tools, connections and know how in taking possession of that URL in a timely fashion.


Often knowing where and when to invest in the right property can be difficult, there are a number of variables to take into consideration and we will help you go over them all. Whether you are after generic traffic or require brand protection, let us advise you on the shortest and most efficient avenue to reach your goal.

Portfolio Management

Your company owns quite a few generic URL’s and this has become a hassle, on top of that you know some of these domains are worth a lot more than the offers you receive week after week. With NameConnect we can advise you how best to sell or manage your domains to maximize profits. Domain names can be a great source of revenue for your company, the next step is to send us a list and let us take over.

New to the Domain Industry?

With the right budget and will to learn NameConnect can advise and walk you into this exciting and lucrative industry to start making profits immediately. We know you have heard rumors and read the articles that speak of six and seven figure sales, well we were behind some of those heavy hitting deals and can help bring you up to speed in a timely fashion. For this service please keep in mind that this industry is not for the faint of heart, the age old cliché applies: It takes money to make money. Tell us your budget and we’ll let you know where to begin.

Marketing and Design

Naturally having been in this industry for over five years NameConnect has come to partner with companies in all areas of web development such as design and marketing. Now that you have that perfect domain where do you go from there? Let us take you to that next step and introduce you to the right people for your budget.